Meet the NEW Adventure Enablers

Hi! We are Jenn and Josh Mastel, a couple that met in Spokane, Washington and now live in San Antonio, Texas. We met through mutual friends and started going on adventures together right away. Our first adventure took us to the beautiful Glacier National Park (Jenn’s favorite park to date) for a week in the back-country. Fast forward a couple of years and we were taking our small family of four on adventures to the west side of Washington state. Living in the Seattle area for two years allowed us to explore the phenomenal Cascade mountain range.

We knew that we wanted our kids, Kingston and Orion, to love the outdoors as much as we do, so they quickly learned how to set up camp, pack a backpack, rock climb, dig in the dirt and live with a “go light” mentality.

So, how did we go from the Pacific North West to Texas?

While in Seattle, Jenn was finishing her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and Josh was working for a finance company in downtown Seattle. Jenn applied for a Master’s program and internship with the U.S. Army, which is located here in Texas. We knew that if she was accepted, then a new adventure would begin. So, here we are!

This little camper came to us through Anna and Carl Holley and we are thrilled to be keeping Camp Happier alive. It is our dream to stoke the fire of adventure and also instill a sense of business savviness in our kids. Camp Happier is an opportunity to teach our kids about personal responsibility, customer service, and the ethos of self-reliance/self-employment.  With that in mind, Kingston, our oldest son, will get hand-on experience of running a small, family-owned business (with parental oversight of course!).

In the spirit of Camp Happier, we are excited to be your Adventure Enablers!

Just as Carl & Anna did, we hope you take us up on the offer of “YES! Please take our little camper to go on an adventure!” We only ask that you be respectful of our property and maybe share a photo or two of where she’s been.

Thanks again, y’all!
Josh, Jen
& Kingston, too!
Adventure Enablers